Zuckerberg is considering …

Zuckerberg is considering integrating cryptocurrencies on Facebook

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg believes that encryption and cryptocurrencies can help make his social network less centralized. He wrote about this on his personal page..

In the last message, Zuckerberg said that since 2009, he sets a personal goal for himself every year. So, the entrepreneur has already visited all the states of the United States, ran 365 miles, developed AI for home use, read 25 books and studied the Mandarin dialect of the Chinese language..

Zuckerberg calls his personal goal for 2018 solving problems that make the world fragmented and turbulent. If earlier people saw in new technologies a decentralizing force that transfers control into their hands, then recently such technologies have become an instrument of centralization, allowing governments to monitor them..

According to Zuckerberg, this trend must be combated, and he considers encryption and cryptocurrencies to be the solution to the problem, which take control from centralized systems and pass it back to people..

Zuckerberg is considering ...

“I’m interested in diving into this topic and exploring the pros and cons of such technologies, as well as considering the possibilities of their application in our service,” writes Zuckerberg.

Recall that previously unverified information appeared on the network that Pavel Durov could release his own cryptocurrency for integration into the Telegram messenger.

Zuckerberg is considering ...

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