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Commercial Web Network Tradeshift Joins Hyperledger Consortium as Preferred Member

Enterprise blockchain consortium Hyperledger has added a new member to its ranks, joining the Danish commercial web and free billing platform Tradeshift as a privileged member. Other preferred members of the consortium include Accenture, American Express, Cisco, IBM and JPMorgan Chase. Writes about this CoinDesk.

According to the head of Hyperledger Brian Belendorf, the startup shares the vision of the consortium in the field of joint development of solutions on the blockchain, allowing enterprises to create and operate reliable applications and platforms..

Tradeshift notes that by joining the group, the company intends to participate in the development of B2B solutions on the blockchain.

Tradeshift Commercial Web ...

Geert Silvest, CTO and Co-founder of Tradeshift, who now represents the company on Hyperledger’s governing board, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to join Hyperledger and continue to contribute to the development of distributed ledger technology through a collaborative and innovative model. We wish to foster an initiative that aligns with our own values ​​of community, collaboration, interoperability and openness. “.

Today, Hyperledger members include over 160 companies from a wide variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, credit card services, the Internet of Things, and aviation..

Tradeshift Commercial Web ...

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