The US Secretary of State warned about …

U.S. Secretary of State Warns of Risks of Anonymous Cryptocurrency Transactions

US Secretary of State and one of Donald Trump’s advisers, Mike Pompeo, said that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Libra should be regulated in the same way as other instruments for conducting electronic financial transactions..

“The same set of requirements that apply to transactions going through SWIFT or our financial institutions should apply to these transactions,” he told CNBC..

Pompeo hopes that the payment system will not develop in the direction of anonymous cryptocurrency transactions, as this will lead to “a decrease in the level of security in the world.”.

The US Secretary of State warned about ...

“We all know the risk of anonymous transactions. We know it from 9/11 and the terrorist activity that took place 15 years before that, when we did not have good tools to track such transactions. Back then, we had no way of understanding cash flows and determining who was moving the money, ”he added. “We must preserve the financial system, the global financial system that protects us.”.

Trump previously said that he was not “a fan of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are not money, whose value is extremely volatile and comes from nothing,” and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said that the United States “will not allow digital currency service providers to act in the shadows. “.

The US Secretary of State warned about ...

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