The FBI is looking for victims of the crypto pyramid …

FBI Seeks Victims Of BitConnect Crypto Pyramid

The Cleveland division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced the search for “potential victims” who invested in the defunct BitConnect cryptocurrency scheme.

“Most of the time, the only place to buy, exchange and sell cryptocurrency was on our own exchange, Bitconnect. By mid-December 2017, BCC had a capitalization of more than $ 2.5 billion, “the department recalls..

According to the FBI, the BitConnect market “crashed in late January 2018 after two state securities regulators issued public notices warning investors of the pyramid-like nature of the project.” As a result, the BitConnect platform was closed, and investors were left with “almost worthless cryptocurrency”.

The FBI asks potential victims of the scheme to fill out a questionnaire and provide information about the amount of funds invested, the persons who invited them to BitConnect, the source from which they learned about BitConnect, and any additional information that may help the investigation. Based on the information provided, the FBI may decide to contact respondents and request additional information.

Special Agent Vicki Anderson, in a conversation with Bloomberg Law, confirmed that it was the first time the FBI had reported on the ongoing BitConnect investigation..

The FBI is looking for victims of the crypto pyramid ...

Last October, all lawsuits against BitConnect were merged into one.

In June, the FBI announced that at that time, the agency was conducting 130 investigations related to cryptocurrencies..

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