The FBI has attracted analytical companies …

FBI Involves Analytical Firms Chainalysis And CipherTrace To Investigate Twitter Hack

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has launched an investigation into a large-scale hacker attack on the microblogging platform Twitter. Also, questions due to the transition under the control of fraudulent accounts of such famous personalities as Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Elon Musk, arose from the Senate.

Authorities are concerned about the security of Twitter users, most of whom reside in the United States. The Senate Commercial Committee asked to be briefed on the incident, and Senator Josh Hawley sent a personal letter to CEO Jack Dorsey expressing concern and demanding a detailed explanation. Until Dorsey received a mandatory Senate summons to testify.

“A successful attack on your system’s servers poses a threat to the privacy and security of all users’ data,” Hawley wrote..

Senator Roger Wicker admitted that in the future, similar attacks could be used to spread disinformation on behalf of famous persons, primarily heads of state, and to manipulate society..

The FBI has attracted analytical companies ...

The FBI has contacted several companies to facilitate the investigation, including Chainalysis and CipherTrace, which provide tools for analyzing blockchain transactions. Chainalysis said that several departments have already contacted them, but none of the companies can disclose the details of these requests..

Twitter said it had no evidence of password leaks as a result of the attack. Users are also worried about the safety of their personal correspondence, but the company is silent about this..

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