The activities of the cryptocurrency scheme …

The FBI is interested in the activities of the Bitconnect cryptocurrency scheme

Former Bitconnect investor and promoter Trevon James said he had to discuss the discontinued cryptocurrency scheme and his involvement with the FBI. Writes about this CoinDesk.

On Monday, James posted a video on YouTube in which he confirmed that he would testify to his role in the project in 10 days. However, he admits that he has limited knowledge of Bitconnect’s operations and has no idea about the plans of the company’s management..

James expects the upcoming conversation to be reminiscent of the one he already had with the FBI agent, during which he talked about his experience of participating in the project as a user.

“I’m glad I don’t know anything, that is, there is no evidence that I knew anything,” he adds, suggesting that the FBI questions will not necessarily be related to the closure or activities of Bitconnect..

“The matter concerns the SEC. Testimony matters to the entire crypto space … because it is about securities. Is Bitconnect a security? Can cryptocurrencies be considered securities? This is what we are talking about, not whether I cheated people, ”says James. “The case is about whether Bitconnect is a security and did I know about it”.

The activities of the cryptocurrency scheme ...

Earlier, the head of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Jay Clayton has repeatedly stated that cryptocurrency companies under the guise of tokens can distribute instruments that meet all the characteristics of securities.

“ICOs that are offering of securities should be regulated as offers of securities. The end of the story “- summed up James.

The activities of the cryptocurrency scheme ...

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