Paxful CEO proposed to destroy …

Paxful CEO proposes to destroy Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoins

The founder of the Paxful exchange service Ray Yousef proposed a radical way to rid market participants of fears associated with the possibility of selling bitcoins in the wallets of the creator of the cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto.

“Let’s burn all 980,000 bitcoins of Satoshi,” he writes on Twitter..

Over the years of Bitcoin’s existence, the identity of the creator of the cryptocurrency has been associated with many figures in this space, and one of the next contenders has appeared quite recently. More often than not, there is nothing behind such statements except the vested interests of individual groups. At the same time, the threat of selling a large volume of cryptocurrency may make some market participants nervous..

“We will do a soft fork, but if no one stops it, then the coins will disappear, and Satoshi will disappear with them,” Yousef writes. “A million less and we will bury Satoshi.”.

Yousef addressed his message to the former CEO of the portal Roger Ver, the head of the Binance exchange Changpen Zhao and the CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong. None of them have responded to the call yet, but other commentators are actively expressing outrage..

Paxful CEO proposed to destroy ...

“So the creator of bitcoin doesn’t deserve his money? What a totalitarian and selfish idea, ”wrote bitcoin enthusiast Argi Safis.

“This is as bad an idea as CZ’s proposal to rollback transaction history after the Binance hack,” added Yakkie Apps founder Mihai Teodosiu.

While Yusef’s proposal is technically feasible, it will require a consensus among all ecosystem participants, which CEO Paxful, based on initial comments, will not be able to achieve..

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