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Ohio Startup Accelerators to Allocate Over $ 100 Million to Develop Blockchain Companies

Two startup accelerators from the US state of Ohio intend to invest over $ 100 million in companies operating in the blockchain sector, according to Cleveland.com.

JumpStart, a nonprofit organization that finances and supports startups, is ready to donate $ 100 million in favor of blockchain companies in early stages of development and developing solutions for government or business, according to the publication..

In addition, startup accelerator FlashStarts is also providing $ 6 million to invest in projects that are at the pre-funding stage..

Information about the plans of the accelerators was disclosed at the Blockland Solution conference in Cleveland by JumpStart CEO Ray Leach. According to Leach, other state funds are ready to invest up to $ 200 million in additional blockchain companies over the coming years, but this announcement has not received official confirmation..

Ohio Startup Accelerators ...

Recently it became known that the Ohio authorities will allow companies in their jurisdiction to pay taxes with bitcoins – this is the first such initiative brought to the stage of implementation in the United States..

Ohio acknowledged in August that the data stored on the blockchain is legally binding. Even then, local lawmakers expressed the hope that their state would be able to obtain the unspoken status of the center of the blockchain in the United States..

Ohio Startup Accelerators ...

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