More than 40% of blockchain workers …

More than 40% of blockchain workers are employees of cryptocurrency exchanges

42% of blockchain employees work on cryptocurrency exchanges, according to a study by The Block.

In total, 158 companies were analyzed, including 30 exchanges. The second largest area was mining with 11% of employees, and the third one was the management of cryptocurrency projects. This includes companies such as Ripple, TRON, and IOHK.

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The largest employers in the cryptocurrency industry are Bitmain, Huobi, Coinbase and OKEx, with 1,500, 1,300, 1,000, and 950 employees. Binance and Ripple employ 650 and 450 people, respectively, according to The Block..

“It comes as no surprise that the three sectors where the most people are employed are historically the only profitable sectors. The vast majority of companies in other sectors are still at the stage of promotion, ”says analyst Larry Cermak.

More than 40% of blockchain workers ...

As noted earlier, Coinbase and Ripple failed to make it to the top 10 startups this year on LinkedIn.

In March, Good Place to Work named Ripple as one of the best employers among San Francisco tech companies. Then 91% of the interviewed employees positively assessed their work experience in the company.

More than 40% of blockchain workers ...

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