Ledger will delay delivery of wallets …

Ledger will delay shipments of Nano X wallets

Productive popular hardware wallets for storing cryptocurrencies Ledger this Thursday announced that customers who ordered its new Nano X devices will have to wait longer than previously announced.

“Due to unforeseen production issues that surfaced at the last minute, we are sorry to announce that the Ledger Nano X will not ship this week as previously anticipated,” the company wrote, adding that the delay will be at least one month. but possibly longer “.

Until today, the Ledger Nano X order page reported that early owners will receive the new devices in early April. According to the updated information on the same page, this will not happen until the end of May.

The company explains that it received parts that were supposed to be used to assemble the first batch of wallets, but was forced to reject them because they did not meet its quality standards. This in turn led to a violation of the deadlines.

Ledger will delay delivery of wallets ...

As an apology for the incident, Ledger will add the Nano S wallet for free to the orders of customers who applied for the Nano X prior to today’s notice. An additional wallet is proposed to be used as a backup for the main Nano X device.

At the beginning of the month, a bug was discovered due to which the Monero application on Nano S wallets did not work correctly, which in some cases could lead to the loss of cryptocurrency.

Ledger will delay delivery of wallets ...

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