Indian trader committed suicide …

Indian trader committed suicide over demand to return fiat equivalent of depreciated bitcoins

Crypto trader from India committed suicide after being harassed by a high-ranking police officer over the loss of assets that he traded on his behalf.

According to the local Ahmedabad Mirror, Bharat Patel parted ways with his life on Sunday, leaving behind a suicide note detailing the events that preceded them..

“Deputy Chief Chirag Sawani came to my house to invest in five bitcoins. Having suffered losses due to exchange rate fluctuations, Chirag, along with his brother Montu, demanded 11,575 bitcoins. Their demand threw me into dismay. Chirag Sawani came to my house and threatened me trying to get a return on investment. The responsibility for what happened lies with two brothers “, – quoted by Ahmedabad Mirror, the last statement of Patel.

Indian trader committed suicide ...

Patel Darshi’s daughter is trying to get Savani to resign, but doubts it will be successful, given the high position of the policeman: “We did not give the police my father’s phone and laptop because we do not trust them. We fear that the evidence on these devices will be destroyed. “.

According to the widow of Patel Usha, her husband agreed to return five bitcoins to the Savani brothers, but they demanded the fiat equivalent of their invested funds. Darshi also said that they continued to receive threats even after the death of their father, and the police advised them to turn off their mobile phones and not contact the extortionists..

Indian trader committed suicide ...

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