HTC will release a special version …

HTC will release a special version of the EXODUS 1 smartphone with support for Binance Chain

Smartphone manufacturer HTC is implementing support for the Binance Chain blockchain in a special version of its EXODUS 1 device. Thanks to this, the smartphone will be able to interact with the non-custodial exchange Binance DEX and tokens on the blockchain, writes CoinDesk.

To fulfill this vision, EXODUS 1 Binance Edition integrates Binance Chain into its own Zion Vault wallet..

“We are partnering with the largest and most liquid cryptocurrency exchange in the world, reducing the need for trust and providing users with the ability to store their own keys on their own and launch a full Bitcoin node,” said Phil Chen, director of decentralization at HTC..

HTC will release a special version ...

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said the smartphone is “the most natural device” for a hardware wallet. “Cryptocurrencies will make any smartphone a payment terminal and payment device, eliminating most of the middlemen,” he added. – The most innovative smartphone makers are chasing crypto adoption. We are delighted to support HTC EXODUS to ensure that its users have access to Binance Chain and DEX, which in turn will help people gain access to cryptocurrencies and their exchange everywhere. “.

EXODUS was launched late last year, with EXODUS 1 being a more budget-friendly version. Among other things, the device is capable of supporting a full node. To do this, the user, however, will have to significantly expand the amount of initially available storage space..

HTC will release a special version ...

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