Hackers invest stolen from …

Hackers invest NEM tokens stolen from Coincheck in ICO

It seems that the hackers, who stole about 500 million NEM from the Japanese exchange Coincheck, figured out how to spend at least part of the tokens, which, according to the developers, should have received an identification label, without using organized exchanges for this..

Filipino blockchain company Appsolutely received 2,000 NEM in a crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday from one of the many wallets allegedly holding the stolen funds, Nikkei reported. Whether the investor received ICO tokens in return is not reported.

On Friday, 1,100 stolen NEMs were sent to the Czech cryptocurrency exchange. Also, according to the NEM.io Foundation, funds were transferred to American and New Zealand exchanges. The representative of the organization explained that it was possible to track the movement of tokens using specialized software. The names of the exchanges are not specified.

Hackers invest stolen from ...

The NEM.io Foundation has asked cryptocurrency exchanges not to service accounts to which funds of dubious origin will be transferred. At the same time, the organization admitted that if hackers continue to redistribute assets across accounts and exchanges, some of them could be withdrawn to other cryptocurrencies and, ultimately, to fiat..

Recall that earlier representatives of the NEM.io Foundation reported that the information about the movement of the stolen funds is not true..

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