Grayscale Investments filed in …

Grayscale Investments has filed an application with the SEC to register its Ethereum trust

Digital asset management company Grayscale Investments announced today that it has filed a Form 10 application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to register its Ethereum Trust (ETHE)..

The company notes that the law does not require such registration and it takes this step voluntarily. Registration has its advantages. In particular, as a SEC-accountable company, the Ethereum trust will be able to reduce the holding time of securities by accredited investors before the sale from 12 to 6 months. This, in turn, will increase the attractiveness of ETHE in the eyes of investors, since they will get access to liquidity earlier..

At the same time, registration with the SEC imposes additional obligations on Grayscale to submit quarterly and annual reports..

Earlier, Grayscale registered its GBTC bitcoin trust with the SEC, making it the first such instrument in the cryptocurrency market. Grayscale Ethereum Trust was publicly listed in May 2019.

Grayscale Investments filed in ...

According to the latest reports from Grayscale, on August 5, the record for the volume of assets under its management was once again updated at $ 5.5 billion, of which $ 4.5 billion is in the Bitcoin trust, $ 746 million is in the Ethereum trust..

Grayscale recently announced the first US public listing of Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin securities.

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