Grayscale acquired another 75,000 …

Grayscale acquired another 75,000 ETH and became the owner of more than 2% of the cryptocurrency coins

On Monday, digital asset management company Grayscale Investments acquired 75,319 ETH, bringing its share in the cryptocurrency circulating volume to 2.13%. Analyst Jan Dyer pays attention to this..

The cryptocurrency was purchased for the ETHE trust, the volume of which, according to the latest data, is $ 945 million. Over the past day, the value has increased by 2.45%. In total, Grayscale currently manages $ 7.7 billion, of which over $ 6.5 billion is in the GBTC bitcoin trust..

One commentator notes that GBTC, which has been traded in the OTC market since 2015, currently holds 2.59% of all bitcoins. “What many do not realize is that they also now hold 2.13% of all ETH in ETHE, which began trading four years later in 2019. Investor interest in ETH is growing, “he adds..

Grayscale acquired another 75,000 ...

In October, the ETHE trust received the status of a company accountable to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This factor influenced investor demand as, along with it, the requirement for a minimum holding period for ETHE shares after a private placement was reduced from 12 months to 6 months..

“We are seeing interest from investors who have become more inclined towards digital currencies thanks to their access to bitcoin and are now looking for additional ways to diversify within this asset class,” said Michael Sonnenshine, CEO of Grayscale..

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