FBI asks victims of crypto exchange collapse …

FBI Asks Victims Of QuadrigaCX Crypto Exchange Collapse To Contribute To Ongoing Investigation

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has reached out to former users of the QuadrigaCX crypto exchange, who have suffered from the inability of the trading platform to fulfill its financial obligations. A questionnaire has been published on the FBI website, the answers to which will be used as part of the “ongoing investigation”.

“If you have questions or concerns about your QuadrigaCX account or consider yourself a victim, please answer the questions below,” the agency writes. “Based on the responses provided, the FBI may contact you for more information.”.

Users are asked to provide their logins on the exchange and report whether they have been verified. It is necessary to report the approximate balance of the account they had as of January 31, 2019 and when they made the last transaction using the trading platform, and also indicate the related information, including the availability of deposit addresses and statements.

FBI asks victims of crypto exchange collapse ...

In March, it became known that the FBI, together with the Canadian police, is investigating the circumstances of the closure of QuadrigaCX. The latest publication confirms this information.

In May, EY’s auditor reported that QuadrigaCX has assets of $ 21 million, while its debt to clients is about $ 160 million..

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