Ethereum Developer Virgil Griffith …

Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith filed a motion to dismiss the claim in the DPRK conference case

Former Ethereum Foundation employee Virgil Griffith, accused of violating US sanctions against North Korea, filed a motion to dismiss the claim. Reason: the prosecution failed to properly describe the corpus delicti.

Griffith was arrested by the FBI in November 2019 after visiting North Korea to report on cryptocurrencies in April. According to the authorities, he provided the leadership of the sanctioned state with valuable information on how to use cryptocurrency technology to circumvent current restrictions. Griffith, in turn, insists that he transmitted “very generalized information based on publicly available information.”.

When considering Griffith’s petition, the court will have to determine whether making an appropriate presentation is a violation of the sanctions requirements. The developer states that he did not receive payment for his attendance at the conference and did not have the status of a consultant, and therefore did not officially serve the DPRK leadership. In addition, his right to make such speeches is protected by the first amendment, he argues..

Ethereum Developer Virgil Griffith ...

Griffith also insists that his speech is subject to exceptional conditions under the law on economic powers in the event of international emergencies for the dissemination of “information” and “information materials”.

Griffith was released in January on $ 1 million bail..

Ethereum Developer Virgil Griffith ...

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