Crypto exchange OKEx will delist …

Crypto exchange OKEx will delist 36 low-liquid trading pairs

Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx this Friday announced the upcoming delisting of 36 trading pairs.

“In order to provide a more holistic trading environment and provide a better trading experience, we will delist several trading pairs with low liquidity and trading volumes on the ETH and OKB markets in accordance with OKEx’s delisting guidelines,” the publication says..

Trading pairs associated with the following assets are subject to delisting:

  • Viberate (VIB);
  • Crypto exchange OKEx will delist ...
  • VITE (VITE);
  • Golem (GNT);
  • Populous (PPT);
  • TenX (PAY);
  • Asch (XAS);
  • Zebi (ZCO);
  • DADI (DADI);
  • Revain (R);
  • Cred (LBA);
  • IoT Chain (ITC);
  • OneRoot Network (RNT);
  • Refereum (RFR);
  • Nebulas (NAS);
  • All Sports (SOC);
  • Beacon (BEC);
  • Eidoo (EDO);
  • Ark (ARK);
  • Delphy (DPY);
  • Primas (PST);
  • Exchange Union (XUC);
  • LinkEye (LET);
  • SDChain (SDA);
  • High Performance Blockchain (HPB);
  • BitKan (KAN);
  • Origin Sport (ORS);
  • WinToken (WIN);
  • UGChain (UGC);
  • CAI (CAI).

In most cases, for these assets, OKEx has other trading pairs, in particular with Bitcoin and USDT, which differ in significant trading volumes, which are not subject to delisting at this stage..

Trading pairs listed in the announcement will be delisted on August 5 at 07:00 Moscow time. Users need to cancel active bids before this deadline. Otherwise, they will be canceled automatically and the assets returned to the owners’ accounts.

On Thursday, OKEx announced IEO Echoin, which will take place on its OK Jumpstart platform on August 8.

Crypto exchange OKEx will delist ...

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