Coinbase Ventures became an investor …

Coinbase Ventures has become an investor in the Matic Network blockchain project

Crypto project Matic Network, which recently held its initial public offering (IEO) on the Binance Launchpad platform, announced that the venture capital arm of the US exchange Coinbase has become an investor in its initial round of fundraising..

As Matic notes, the cooperation between the two companies is not limited to investments. The project intends to integrate the USDC stablecoin, issued by the CENTER consortium, of which Coinbase is one of the founding partners, into its sidechains in order to implement additional opportunities for their use in commercial transactions in the real world.

In addition, Coinbase wallet users can turn to the Matic network for instant transfers and transactions. Also, decentralized applications launched on the basis of Matic can be accessed from the Coinbase wallet.

“In the context of its practical utility, Coinbase Wallet works well with Matic Wallet. Coinbase Wallet will help you create a convenient and secure interaction between decentralized applications and the Matic network. Once the user’s assets are on the Matic network, they can instantly transfer and exchange them through Coinbase Wallet. Users can use the Matic-powered decentralized apps from Coinbase Wallet or use WalletConnect to access them through Matic Wallet, ”explains the startup..

Coinbase Ventures became an investor ...

Over the past day, the MATIC rate has risen by 30% after falling for several days since the start of trading.

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