CME Group intends to launch …

CME Group Intends to Launch Bitcoin Futures Contracts

Derivatives market operator CME Group has announced plans to launch bitcoin futures in the fourth quarter of this year. Writes about this CoinDesk.

The exact date of the launch of the new tool has not been named, but it is already known that the CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate index, launched a year ago together with the London-based company Crypto Facilities, will be used for calculations. CME Group announces that it will list futures in its own market, which unites the leading exchanges in Chicago and New York.

CME Group CEO Terry Duffy said: “Given our clients’ growing interest in emerging cryptocurrency markets, we decided to introduce Bitcoin futures contracts. As the world’s largest regulated foreign exchange market, CME Group will be a natural home for this mechanism, which will provide investors with transparency in pricing as well as opportunities to assign risks. “.

CME Group intends to launch ...

The company claims that the launch date of the derivative will depend on how soon they manage to get the approval of US regulators. As a reminder, several companies have recently attempted to issue derivative instruments tied to cryptocurrency rates, but the US Securities and Exchange Commission did not recommend them to launch..

At the same time, LedgerX’s initiative received approval from the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission to create a clearing center for derivatives and a swap exchange, and trading volumes in the first weeks of the new trading floor exceeded expectations..

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