Central Bank of India scares traders again …

Central Bank of India scares traders again with cryptocurrency risks

The Reserve Bank of India has issued a new warning for the second this year about the dangers of cryptocurrency users.

In a short statement on December 5, the central bank urged “users, cryptocurrency holders and traders” to be careful, highlighting Bitcoin separately. A similar message was published in February of this year, and the bank published the first warning about the technology at the end of 2013..

The bank notes that it has not issued a single license to provide cryptocurrency exchange services.

“RBI explains that it has not issued licenses / permits to any person / company to maintain such schemes or work with Bitcoin or any other digital currency,” the bank writes..

The new message also contains a warning for ICO investors.

Central Bank of India scares traders again ...

“In light of the unexpected spike in many digital currencies and the skyrocketing ICOs, RBI recalls the dangers highlighted in previous press releases,” adds the central bank.

This message was published against the background of uncertainty reigned in India about the cryptocurrency market and its regulation, which forced the country’s Supreme Court in mid-November to appeal to the central bank and other structures with a demand to speed up the process of developing a regulatory framework for regulating the bitcoin sphere..

Photo: Bogdan Skaskiv

Central Bank of India scares traders again ...

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