BlockCrushr accused …

BlockCrushr accuses Ethereum incubator ConsenSys of stealing technical solution

Canadian fintech company BlockCrushr has sued the Ethereum incubator ConsenSys, accusing it of stealing trade secrets, writes Cointelegraph.

According to BlockCrushr, ConsenSys launched Daisy Payments, a recurring payment platform the day before they unveiled their own product. BlockCrushr participated in the ConsenSys accelerator program and now claims the company mentored them before taking over their technology..

“The defendants launched Daisy Payments, taking advantage of trade secrets that we disclosed to them as part of the accelerator program,” the lawsuit says..

Plaintiffs allege ConsenSys invested $ 100,000 in the company to support the launch of the platform. After being invited to participate in the program, the founders of BlockCrushr “broke out of their homes” and moved to California. They gave ConsenSys full access to “all aspects of their marketing, financial, technical and regulatory strategy” as well as the payment platform code..

BlockCrushr accused ...

“BlockCrushr has revealed its main asset: the source code and its own technical solution for the recurring payment platform,” the plaintiffs write..

According to them, in early March 2019, ConsenSys “suddenly stopped communicating with BlockCrushr and its team.” They also claim that ConsenSys did not provide them with the promised additional funding, as a result of which they had to lay off several employees. Plaintiffs ask the court to ban ConsenSys from using their decisions and to award compensation for the damage suffered.

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