BitMEX has installed a satellite …

BitMEX Exchange Installs Bitcoin Satellite Node From Blockstream

The BitMEX crypto derivatives exchange today announced the installation of a satellite system to interact with the Bitcoin blockchain from Blockstream. It allows you to download and verify transactions on the network without an Internet connection.

BitMEX notes that the system was set up relatively quickly and does provide enough bandwidth to sync with Bitcoin most of the time..

The exchange ordered a Blockstream Satellite Pro kit and Flat-Panel antenna for about $ 1,200. The installation process was simpler than originally anticipated and took several hours. The most difficult stage was tuning the antenna to the satellite.

Blockstream Satellite Pro Kit Image: BitMEX

BitMEX has installed a satellite ...

In some cases, the satellite node did not keep up with the blockchain update, being several blocks behind. In general, exchange employees describe their experience as positive.

“We have found that while many Bitcoin enthusiasts find the system a joy to install and use, it is unlikely to be practical for most users. However, since this satellite system does have the potential to improve bitcoin’s censorship and protect it from attacks, its existence is probably positive, “concludes BitMEX.

The BitMEX satellite node has been added to the Fork Monitor website, with which users can monitor the current state of the Bitcoin network. You can identify it by the corresponding image next to the name of the node.

BitMEX has installed a satellite ...

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