BitMEX CEO: Libra Will Destroy Commercial …

BitMEX CEO: Libra will destroy commercial and central banks

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes shared his thoughts on the behavior of the Bitcoin market and other related issues at the Asian Blockchain Summit in Taipei these days..

So, Hayes responded to the statements of the American economist Nouriel Roubini that the cryptocurrency market is practically devoid of real activity, and data on trading volumes are massively falsified. According to the CEO of BitMEX, these observations are refuted by the performance of his own exchange, where within 24 hours the maximum trading volume of about $ 60 billion was recorded, and over the last year the value was over $ 1 trillion..

Hayes believes that the recent rise in the price of bitcoin is associated with the return of investors, especially retail, to the cryptocurrency market “as the balance sheet is corrected.” “Bitcoin will either drop to zero or be worth a large sum in a decade,” he said..

BitMEX CEO also announced the launch of the first bitcoin bond with zero coupon yield, which will allow market participants to make money on investments in the most stable companies in the cryptocurrency space..

BitMEX CEO: Libra Will Destroy Commercial ...

Commenting on Facebook’s recent cryptocurrency announcement, Hayes stated, “I think it will destroy commercial and central banks.”.

Hayes will meet with Roubini later in the conference for a debate..

BitMEX CEO: Libra Will Destroy Commercial ...

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