BitMEX CEO: Dancing, the market …

BitMEX CEO: Dancing Bitcoin Market Heads Towards $ 20,000

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes, who has been making public comments less and less of late, returned to Twitter on September 3 to reveal his Bitcoin price prediction.

“Did you miss? I returned from the deepest and darkest corners of Peru to cash checks. For those of you at Invest Asia in Singapore next week, leave Wednesday night free. Dancing two-step, we’re heading straight for $ 20,000, ”he wrote.

Thus, the CEO of BitMEX expects that the bitcoin price may soon return to its all-time high, which was recorded in December 2017. Since the fall last year, Bitcoin has been able to win back a significant part of its losses, but has not yet risen above $ 13,800.

BitMEX CEO: Dancing, the market ...

Hayes abandoned his former public activity shortly after the information about the alleged investigation of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in relation to BitMEX due to the participation of American traders on its platform appeared. Hayes wrote in July that he had traded the yacht for the jungle and promised to “see everyone in September.” At the same time, he does not give any comments in connection with the news about the investigation..

Recently, it was also noted that the size of the BitMEX insurance fund exceeded 31,300 BTC, which corresponds to approximately 0.15% of all bitcoins issued to date or $ 326 million at the current exchange rate..

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