Bitmain Unveils ASIC Miner …

Bitmain unveils ASIC miner for Decred cryptocurrency

Chinese mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain has unveiled its new device for mining Decred (DCR) cryptocurrency.

Decred is a two-tier digital asset that uses a network of nodes that perform additional block validation, making a 51% attack on its network an unlikely and extremely costly enterprise. The mining component of the network is expected to become even more reliable with the advent of the new ASIC.

According to Bitmain, Antminer DR3 achieves 7.8 TH / s hash rate with 1410 W power consumption.

The announcement of the release of the new miner gave rise to another wave of speculation that the company had been using the equipment for several months, after which it decided to release it to the market when it had already lost its relevance. Throughout the summer, the hash rate of the Decred network has grown steadily: from 3,700 TH / s in May to 87,000 TH / s today..

Bitmain Unveils ASIC Miner ...

Such a rapid growth of computing resources in the network of cryptocurrency, which is of average popularity, often becomes a reason for the assumption that miners who have not only GPU-based equipment, but also more specialized devices are engaged in its mining..

Bitmain announced last week that it has developed a 7nm chip that will form the basis of its new Antminer devices..

Bitmain Unveils ASIC Miner ...

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