Bitfinex exchange provides support …

Bitfinex Exchange Implements Support for Bitcoin Transfers via Lightning Network

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex on Monday announced that on December 3, its customers will be able to deposit / withdraw funds in bitcoins via the Lightning Network. In addition, the company is working on integrating USDT and Tether Gold stablecoins into a second-tier network for scaling the main cryptocurrency blockchain, its CTO Paolo Ardoino said in a conversation with The Block..

Bitfinex will be one of the first major exchanges to add support for the Lightning Network. Thanks to this, its users will be able to instantly transfer bitcoins between their wallets. Ardoino claims that the exchange considers the Lightning Network technology promising and intends to contribute to its mass distribution.

“We believe the Lightning Network can play a defining role in our industry as it enables peer-to-peer micropayments with low fees and high bandwidth. Its peer-to-peer nature has absorbed the unstoppable power of Bitcoin. However, there is a need to raise awareness, understanding and dissemination among the broader cryptocurrency community. Supporting a major cryptocurrency exchange will accelerate this process, ”he said..

Going forward, Bitfinex, along with the RGB development team, also intends to launch Tether and the gold-backed stablecoin Tether Gold on the Lightning Network..

Bitfinex exchange provides support ...

“Here’s another confirmation of our commitment to this technology,” added Ardoino..

Earlier Bitfinex added support for SegWit addresses for bitcoin input / output.

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