Binance gives American users …

Binance gives American users 14 days to withdraw funds from the exchange

Binance cryptocurrency exchange has entered an active phase of restricting access to its platform for US users, writes The Block.

Previously, users whose IP addresses belonged to the US range received notifications from the exchange that they needed to withdraw assets within 90 days. Recently, these clients began to receive new letters, according to which they are given 14 days to leave the platform..

“Please note that due to our policies, we cannot serve US residents. Register an account with our partner exchange, Binance US. You have 14 days to close all active positions and withdraw all your funds. If this is not done, your account will be blocked. Once locked, you will have to contact support for further assistance, ”writes Binance.

Binance gives American users ...

Binance announced its intention to stop serving Americans last year, but until that time did not take active measures aimed at limiting their access. To trade on the platform, it was enough to select the “I am not an American” option during registration.

“Binance takes legal compliance very seriously. We have procedures in place to disable users when we suspect they are in the United States or violate our policies. This is an existing measure of control, and not something new, ”the company added..

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