Binance Exchange Launches Binance Network …

Binance Exchange Launches Binance X Network To Support Development In Its Ecosystem

Binance cryptocurrency exchange intends to launch a developer network in its ecosystem called “Binance X”.

On Twitter, Binance posted a message from user @LLcryptoJ, who, in turn, noticed the description of Binance X in the announcement of today’s Berlin meetup. As the description suggests, for the first time, event attendees will have the opportunity to meet representatives of the Binance developer ecosystem and learn about Binance X.

“Binance X is a brand new developer-focused initiative to be launched on EthBerlin,” says the announcement.

In addition, it follows from the program that at the conference an announcement will be made of the proposed wallet for sending Binance Coin tokens using text messages on mobile devices BNBTextWallet and the BrowserBNB browser..

Binance Exchange Launches Binance Network ...

Binance has also posted a link to its new Twitter account @BinanceX. More information on the initiative is not available at this time. The event will take place today from 19:00 to 22:00 Moscow time.

Binance previously announced it was adding margin trading to its Android app..

Binance Exchange Launches Binance Network ...

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