Attacker of Ethereum Classic …

Attacking Ethereum Classic Attacker Returns $ 100,000 to Exchange

The organizer of the 51% attack on the Ethereum Classic network returned $ 100,000 in the cryptocurrency exchange This is evidenced by a post on her official blog on January 12.

The company noted that it had tried unsuccessfully to contact the hacker until recently and that it did not know the reason that prompted him to return the funds..

“If the organizer of the attack didn’t do it for the sake of his own enrichment, he could be an ethical hacker who wanted to remind people about the risks of consensus in blockchains and the protection of hash power,” the exchange writes..

On January 9, published an analysis of the attack on the Ethereum Classic network, noting that a total of 54,200 ETC (about $ 271,500) were stolen. Coinbase, in turn, says that we are talking about the amount of $ 1.1 million. claims that Ethereum Classic hashrate remains low, making it still possible to retry 51% attacks with leased hashpower.

Attacker of Ethereum Classic ...

Also, as noted by Trustnodes, currently the size of the rewards collected by Ethereum Classic miners for adding blocks sometimes exceeds 200-400 ETC, although the standard value is 4 ETC. This is because the instability of the network is forcing some users to pay disproportionately high fees for adding transactions to the blockchain in the hope that this will avoid re-spending.. previously volunteered to compensate for the $ 200,000 lost by its users due to the attack on Ethereum Classic..

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