Anthony Pompliano opens a new …

Anthony Pompliano opens new fund for sole asset management

Morgan Creek Digital co-founder and well-known bitcoin supporter Anthony Pompliano is opening a new “recurring investment fund” that will allow any accredited investor to invest with its founder. As Pompliano notes in today’s newsletter, often such offers are only available to large institutions..

“The world is changing. We are entering the era of solo capitalists. The line between investors and operators is blurring. I’m betting on myself, “he said.

According to Pompliano, “a group of successful investors from Silicon Valley and Wall Street” have already expressed their willingness to support the fund. An invitation to participate in the fund was posted on the AngelList website for uniting startups and investors. The minimum investment amount is $ 10,000, the minimum subscription period is one year.

Anthony Pompliano opens a new ...

To prove his qualifications, Pompliano points out that he is the co-founder of a firm that raised over $ 110 million from pension funds, universities, insurance companies and other investors to invest in 100 early-stage projects..

“Historically, my strategy has been to invest in companies early on, leverage my own user acquisition and audience building expertise, and aggressively enter the next rounds of companies that have managed to create a product that meets market needs,” he wrote, among examples of “winners of my portfolio ”mentioning the crypto credit company BlockFi, the Coinbase exchange and the eToro trading platform.

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