Admitted to the possibility of approval …

Commissioner who allowed Bitcoin ETF approval to leave SEC in fall

The only Democratic representative on the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Commissioner Robert Jackson will step down from public office in the fall, thus opening the door for more conservative decisions..

Jackson is expected to transfer to New York Law School during the fall semester, the Wall Street Journal writes, citing Dean Trevor Morrison. Jackson was a professor of law at Columbia University before joining the SEC in January 2018.

Jackson’s term expires in June, but like many other presidential-appointed officials, he could retain his seat until the end of 2020, when the current convocation of Congress ends..

Morrison said that “Rob can stay in the SEC for a few more months if asked to do so.” Michael Ory, spokesman for NYC Law School, said he and Jackson expect the SEC Commissioner to return to teaching in the fall.

Admitted to the possibility of approval ...

Holders of cryptocurrencies Jackson is known as the representative of the SEC, who publicly announced the possibility of approving a Bitcoin ETF.

“Do I think that ultimately someone will be able to meet the standards we set? I hope so, and I think so, ”he said in February.

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