Bitcoin (BTC) 2021 NEWS

The world’s first cryptocurrency has risen from the ashes and is now back in the spotlight. Bitcoin has returned to explosive growth and has broken all past records this winter, fully recovering from the deafening fall two years ago.


Since the beginning of the year, the digital currency rate has updated its historical maximum five times and for the first time exceeded 34 thousand dollars. In the wake of such a rapid take-off, the world again began to closely monitor the cryptocurrency market and build super-optimistic forecasts for it. The same bitcoin has already been predicted a price of 100 thousand dollars this year. And yet it is too early to rejoice.

The new year 2021 began with an insane rally in bitcoin – in total, since mid-December, the cryptocurrency has added $ 14,000, and its rate has grown almost five times over the year. While the planet was celebrating and eating salads, news of the records of the most popular digital currency tore the editorials of the world’s major publications.

Having reached a peak of 34.1 thousand dollars, the coin went into correction, losing 12 percent, but resumed growth a day later. The sharp rise in bitcoin is associated with the unprecedented volume of emission from the world central banks, as well as the real interest in cryptocurrency on the part of large players. Such frenzied volatility is normal in the cryptocurrency market. The world has repeatedly buried bitcoin, but each time the cryptocurrency sooner or later wins back the lost and takes new turns.